3 Ways You Can Use Text Message Marketing for Your Cafe

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Think you can’t use SMS Marketing for your cafe? Think again. No restaurant is too big or too small to benefit from text marketing. Even if you’re not open for business, you can use us as a text marketing provider to promote your upcoming launch.

We have worked with hundreds of cafes, and all of them say they same thing when they first get started: “Who wants to text for a deal on coffee? It’s so cheap anyways, why even bother?” This is definitely a common concern, and we can see why. If you have a limited menu, and your products fall on the lower priced end, it might seem like there’s nowhere to go promotion wise, right? Wrong.

Here are three ways you can use SMS Marketing for your cafe.

1. Offer first time subscribers a free cup of coffee.

It might not seem like much, but it’s a great way to earn subscriber’s trust and get them engaged with your brand. Chances are, you’re already doing a similar promotion like this with new visitors, so why not use this to also collect subscribers and create relationships? All you do is add one extra step to your promotional process, such as text JAVA to 31996 for a free cup of coffee.

2. Create a loyalty program for frequent drinkers.

Similar to the free cup promotion, you probably already have a promotion like this running. Maybe it’s a punch card, or maybe it’s something tied in with Facebook check in or Foursquare. Both of these are great options, but why not add a third communication medium, and run this program via SMS Marketing?

3. Promote in store events, such as open mic night.

Most cafes like to offer some form of evening entertainment throughout the week or on the weekends. SMS marketing is a great way to promote these events. Simply text subscribers event updates, and even offer some sort of incentive for their attendance.

Text marketing is a great way to engage with new and returning customers, whether you’re a cafe, a dive bar, or 5 star establishment. If you’re interested in getting the ball rolling with your own sms marketing campaign, get in touch with us.