4 Ways Restaurants Use Texting to Boost Sales

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4 Ways Restaurants Use SMS Promo to Boost Sales

Restaurants are just one of the many industries that benefit from SMS Promo. This sector has used SMS to improve customer service, engage with patrons, and increase sales.

IHOP, for example, recently saw a 10% mobile coupon redemption rate when they encouraged customers to text “IHOPFREE” to 686868 for free pancakes.

Here are other ways restaurants can use text marketing to boost sales.

1. Promote special deals.

The quickest way to let your customers know that you have an upcoming or ongoing restaurant promotions is by SMS Promo them. If you segment by location, you can alert people in your area about flash offers; like buy 1 take 1 lunch, dinner meals on discount, or happy hour promos.

2. Send out surveys.

After customers leave the restaurant, you can send them a quick link to a survey that asks about the food and experience. If these are first-time customers, you can offer incentives that will encourage them to give feedback. For example, you can offer a 10% discount or a free appetizer on their next visit if they complete your survey.

3. Provide event reminders.

If you’re organizing a special event or live bands perform regularly in your restaurant, text your customers event invites and reminders about live band schedules. Take it one step further, and include a discounted cover charge or other exclusive offer.

4. Make reservations.

Make it easy for your patrons to make a reservation. It’s actually fairly easy to automate the whole process. They can instantly receive your confirmation after making a reservation via text, then get a reminder a few hours before their dining time and date.