Designed to protect your customer’s

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Designed to protect your customer’s

Valify SMS OTP

Valify platform facilitates 2 Factor Authentication (2FA) which helps
neutralize authentication challenges and account frauds. Valify supports
automated, encrypted One Time Password (SMS OTP) generation and verification
as a method to enable 2FA across diverse platforms. It helps nullifying
account frauds like account takeover or compromise, transaction frauds.

Secure transactions??

Provide unique SMS OTP for every transaction, login, app password reset, update profile etc. Eliminate the worry of remembering passwords or exposing them to hackers by providing secure platform where SMS OTP generated is secure, encrypted and stored only temporarily.


Multi-channel SMS OTP??

Manage and Receive timebound SMS OTPs on three diverse platforms such as Messaging, Voice and Email under 10 seconds.


Use single, robust API for hassle-free SMS OTP generation/validation. Add an additional layer of security by using verified and configured API key.


The Valify Advantage

Scalable & Reliable

Allow your team to access your systems anytime anywhere. Increase productivity of your team by providing a platform that can scale as you grow. Exhibit reliability by guaranteed delivery of the same SMS OTP across channels.


Customized parameters

Valify provides a high-end secure gateway to send SMS OTP messages over different channels. It supports the SMS, Voice and Email mediums for SMS OTP delivery. The end user can opt for a different combination of these mediums for the SMS OTP message delivery. The Valify platform is very robust and guarantees message delivery within 5 seconds for 98% of the messages.


Efficient update

Secure platform facilitates Multi-factor authentication. Notify end users about transactions, login, password reset etc. in real-time due to accurate operational efficiency.


Data security

Reduce phishing and hacking attempts. Send SMS OTPs that are valid temporarily on the registered mobile number, email address and reduce data theft. ?