Follow These Top 5 SMS Marketing Best Practices for Results

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Follow These Top 5 SMS Marketing Best Practices for Results

SMS Marketing requires that you follow a set standard of best practices in order to be successful. On top of this, good ethics attract good business, so if you keep this in mind when writing SMS campaigns, you will see results.

1. Always get their permission.

This should be your first priority. If subscribers don’t give you their clear consent, then you simply cannot market to them. Not only is sending a SMS Marketing to someone who hasn’t opted inpoor practice, it’s also completely illegal. Don’t get caught in a legal headache, always make sure your subscribers are permission based. This is at the core of all SMS Marketing best practices.

2. Use clear and relatable language.

Keep your message simple, and offer a clear call to action. Don’t use big words or terminology they may not be familiar with. Your subscriber may be distracted while reading your message, so get your point across as clearly and quickly as possible.

3. Pay attention to time of day and frequency.

As we always say, don’t send message before 9AM, after 9PM, or on Sundays. Obviously, special circumstances might cause you to break these rules, but in general, stay away from these times. Also, respect the frequency you set from day one. If you promised you would only send 4 messages a month, don’t go over that. Doing so is bad practice, and could cause a hefty number of opt outs.

4. Provide a reasonable opt out method.

Never trap them into subscription. Always offer an easy way to opt out. Not only is this good practice, but it also allows your subscriber to develop trust in your brand. They won’t feel like you’re manipulating them, or tricking them into receiving your messages.

5. Offer value.

Not only is this a best practice, it’s the whole point of SMS Marketing. Without value, why even bother? Send out exclusive promotions, free offers, one time deals, etc. This will keep your subscribers interested and ready to engage.