How Brands Are Winning Customers With Bulk SMS Marketing

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How Brands Are Winning Customers With Bulk SMS Marketing

America’s most successful brands are using bulk SMS Marketing to reach new audiences and engage existing customers. Let’s take a look at how they’re doing it and what lessons can be take from them and applied to your business. 

3 Bulk SMS Marketing strategies brands use

The fact that hundreds of leading brands choose to use mass texting as a part of their mobile marketing strategy speaks volumes about the rise of texting as a valuable way to reach customers. A bulk SMS Marketing campaign is simple to create, affordable and boasts a reach and response rate that meets the high standards of America’s most successful companies.

How effective is mass texting? Take a look at these statistics:

  • Texts have a 98% open rate within as little as 5 seconds of receipt.
  • It takes the average person 90 minutes to respond to email, but only 90 seconds to respond to a text message.
  • More than 75% of consumers would like to have offers sent to them via SMS.
  • A recent study showed that around 35% of consumers who receive a text message from a bulk SMS Marketing campaign click on the link that they receive, and 47% go on to make a purchase. By comparison, traditional online banner ads have a click-through rate of 6%.
  • 64% of consumers are likely to have a positive perception of companies that offer communication via text.

1. Case study: shows how to grow a list

In a period of 10 months,, an footwear E-commerce store, gathered 6,397 qualified opt ins. Considering the above data, which holds that 98% of people you send a text to will read it, that number doesn’t just equal a lot of people on the list, but a lot of people who are reading their bulk SMS messages.

How did build their list?

They gathered interest with a website widget and on site banners. Once these subscribers double opted in, they were each rewarded with a $10 off first pair coupon code. Why was this incentive valuable to the subscriber? With limited quantities, it encouraged an instant purchase. Pictured below is the official auto reply that was sent back after a new subscriber joined the bulk SMS list.

Note that immediately rewards their new subscribers with the valuable offer. It’s important to know that when you do this you should take care not to make your offers difficult to redeem, or your opt in incentives too generic. Always provide an exclusive offer for your VIPs.

To experience their continual growth, the digital marketing team always turned to MMS messages over plain text campaigns. Being a footwear retailer, they understood the power of visual representation. These campaigns helped sell the merchandise and build a stronger connection between product and consumer. also followed an SMS Marketing strategy similar to Uber. They promoted a huge offer to encourage the initial opt in, but after that, just followed up with valuable announcements and new product alerts. This exclusivity worked well for them, as new footwear now sells out in a matter of hours after releasing an early access text blast.

2. Case study: Sportsman & Ski Haus gains after slow year

In this case study we’re going to examine Sportsman & Ski Haus, a sports store that made the switch to SlickText from a different bulk SMS Marketing platform.

Sportsman & Ski Haus is a multi-store sporting goods organization with locations in multiple states. SlickText was approached by their marketing personnel, who expressed interest in making the switch to a different mass texting app. At the time, they were lacking the growth and response rate they were looking for with their current provider.

When SSH started with SlickText, they were coming off a year of slow growth, which left them with only a few hundred contacts. Once teamed up with SlickText, Sportsman & Ski Haus observed a 33% increase in new subscribers in the first 10 days of their campaign.

Not only did this help them in their future SMS Marketing campaigns, but it also increased foot traffic for large events.

What did they do differently?

  • Large banners were placed at checkout points, and stuffer flyers inserted in every outgoing bag of merchandise.
  • Front line staff verbally engaged every customer at point of sale to let them know about the text list. Employees offered an incentive to these customers, and then guided them through the instructions on the opt-in flyer.
  • Once the customer opted-in, they received an instant response with an immediate special offer.

In the months to come after their initial redesign, HHS launched a, “Back-to-School Text-to-Win Campaign” which encouraged subscribers to become more interactive. Below is the flyer that was used for in store advertising and on various social media outlets.

3. Case study: Mulberry St. Pizzeria shows the power of exclusive offers

In the text marketing industry, restaurants fit the perfect mold for a well-qualified user. Restaurants have loyal and consistent customer flows. Combine that with a highly exclusive text marketing campaign and you’ll have yourself a recipe (no pun intended) for a very healthy opt-in rate.

Mulberry St. Pizzeria is a restaurant that specializes in Italian cuisine with a specialty in pizza. To grow their list they used a very simple concept of called, “exclusivity.”

Much like SSH above, they took these steps to get started:

  • Mulberry’s posted fliers in store with information about joining the text list.
  • They filled table tents with smaller versions of those full sized flyers.
  • With extra portions of the small flyer, they started handing them out with every take out order and receipt. This allowed non-members at home to join the list and start receiving the exclusive text marketing deal.
  • For every customer that came in and made a purchase, the employee would verbally ask the customer to join their VIP text list.

Where they saw real growth

The real growth started when Mulberry St. Pizzeria started sending out their text marketing campaigns. They made the campaigns completely EXCLUSIVE. Not only was the campaign exclusively for the VIP text members but it also provided a healthy incentive. Below is an example of one of their exclusive, high value campaigns.

From this campaign you can what they did to create conversions from their bulk SMS message.

  • The message provided a high value offer.
  • They included an expiration date to increase urgency.
  • They included their name (in case customers forgot who was texting them).
  • A succinct message was crafted that let customers know exactly what the deal was.