How SMS and MMS Marketing Transforms Social Media Marketing

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How SMS and MMS Marketing Transforms Social Media Marketing

Why SMS and MMS Marketing Can Transform Social Media Marketing

For those of you already aware of the power of SMS Marketing to reach new audiences, you’ll be pleased to know that mass text messaging has another capability: transforming social media campaigns.

For the vast majority of your customers, social media is inextricable from the fabric of their lives. Consumers’ favorite brands, entertainment preferences, and most treasured memories are shared with friends and family on their favorite social media platforms, like Facebook.

The average consumer spends about two hours every day using social media, and 60% of the time they use their mobile phone to visit social sites. Finding a mobile marketing solution that can integrate seamlessly with social media means significantly extending your business’s reach. It also means that you can introduce existing customers to a simple way to shop and/or connect with your business without interrupting their social media experience.

Where to Start with Social Media

If you aren’t already, you’re probably well aware that you should be there on Facebook right along with your customers, showcasing the unique value of your business and making it easier for them to reach you whenever they have a question or want to purchase a product.

Recent studies have shown that 71% of consumers who had a positive social media experience with a business are likely to recommend that business to their friends. Research has also shown that content on Facebook influences 52% percent of purchases online and offline for social media users. That’s a huge opportunity that you can’t afford to miss.

Why Social Media Ads Aren’t Enough

You might immediately consider devoting the bulk of your mobile marketing budget to purchasing online or mobile ads, but this might not be your best route to a high return on investment (ROI).

Unfortunately—despite the popularity of the platform—Facebook ads are still ads. And to put it bluntly, most consumers just don’t respond that well to traditional banner ads on social media.

Let’s take a look at the numbers:

  • A recent Harris Poll revealed that 74 percent of 16-to 39-year-olds dislike targeted ads in their social media feeds. Of those, 56 percent report having cut back on social media sites due to unwanted ads.
  • 86% of consumers experience “banner blindness”. This means that they purposefully ignore all banner advertising. Regardless of how many ads they’re shown or how clever they are, they might as well not exist.
  • Of the minority of consumers who do look at banner ads, only 14% remember anything about the last one that they saw.
  • Across the board, Facebook ad clickthrough rates (CTRs)—meaning how many people click on an ad— varied from around 0.5% through to 1.6% in 2017, with the average being .9%.
  • The average conversion rate—meaning how many visitors who click on ads perform the intended action is around 9%.

The majority of consumers simply don’t engage with traditional social media advertising–but as a business owner you still need some way to reach your consumers  on the platform where they’re spending a significant amount of their time each day.

Why Use Mass Text Messaging in Your Social Media Campaign

Enter SMS Marketing. If you need a quick refresher on the benefits of using mass text messaging, here are a few telling statistics:

  • A mass text will be opened by up to 98% of the consumers who receive one, in under five seconds. Most texts are responded to in under 90 seconds
  • SMS Marketing campaigns have been shown to have a conversion rate of 32% or more.
  • 70% of customers think SMS is a good way for a business to catch their attention.
  • 77% of consumers view businesses that offer texting as a communication option more favorably than those that don’t.
  • 91% of users who do opt-in to receive texts from businesses find them useful.

SMS Marketing can be a bridge between your consumers, your business, and the social media platforms where they spend most of their time.

Mass text messaging not only allows business owners to offer consumers a simple way to connect, but it also drives customer engagement on social media.

Here are a few examples:

Use Social Media to Promote Your Text to Win Contest

Share text to win contest details with your social followers. Upon texting the keyword to the short code, the subscriber will be entered into the sweepstakes. Users who post links on their social pages encouraging online friends to enter the contest as well, could possibly receive a mobile coupon after their referrals sign up. This encourages easy word of mouth marketing.

Use SMS Marketing to Drive Page Likes

Creating a sense of urgency is important in any social media marketing campaign, and mass text messaging is a perfect way to connect with customers and motivate them to act quickly. A text offering subscribers extra points in a loyalty program or an exclusive discount for liking—and getting their friends to like— your social pages can be a simple way to rapidly build your social media following.

Get Social Media Influencers Texting About Your Business

Film, TV, and social media celebrities (think YouTube stars) are society’s “tastemakers”—shaping global pop culture by influencing the music industry, fashion, and online trending topics. But these aren’t the only influencers who matter to consumers. Every customer who is on social media has a circle of friends that share and reshare their favorite posts from their group. The most influential members of those small groups are usually those with the best, most shared posts. Winning over these influencers can instantly raise your business’s social media profile. For example, a mass text message from a clothing boutique asking subscribers to share their friend’s favorite post of the day to your Facebook page in exchange for a free gift for the original poster and the friend who shared it can bring foot traffic and increase likes simultaneously.

Ways to Strategize MMS Marketing to  Enhance Social Media Campaigns

Multimedia Messaging Service (MMS) messages use images along with text to engage customers. MMS allows restaurant owners, for example, to share images of the week’s dinner special, encouraging subscribers to stop in.

A small church might send a text with an image showing an excerpt from an online devotional that subscribers can view on the church’s Facebook page. A school can use MMS to showcase the new school spirit gear in advance of a homecoming game, including a link which takes the reader to their Facebook store.

Hubspot states “posts with visual content are 40 times more likely to be shared the most across every social platform.” Businesses using MMS have a unique opportunity to present subscribers with shareable images that bring their marketing messages to their customers’ social circle.

Here are a few other ways MMS can support a successful social media marketing campaign:

Send a Personalized Text to Reignite Customer Interest

If a customer hasn’t responded to texts in a while, a personalized text with an image can get their attention. A photo of the latest sale items, with a request to head to your Facebook page to retrieve a code for a deeper discount, is a great way to inspire your customer to explore your social pages or Facebook store for other offers.

Use MMS to Encourage Social Sharing

A pizza restaurant can send an image (MMS) of a customer’s “winning” food selfie, encouraging other subscribers to post their own images of themselves on social media when they are dining at the restaurant for a chance to win a free pizza. Invite your customers to encourage other subscribers to post their images of them dining and capture a tempting image of the food! This can drive social media visits as well as foot traffic.

How SlickText Facebook Integration Works

SlickText provides a wide range of advanced features to our customers. Our Facebook integration feature is the easiest way to connect your SMS Marketing campaign with your social media presence.

Before sending out a text, click the “Post to Facebook” button, decide which Facebook page that you want to post to, and you’re all set. It’s that simple. You can also schedule Facebook posts as easily as you do text messages.

At SlickText, we’ve helped thousands of businesses unlock the power of SMS Marketing to reach new audiences on social media.