How SMS Marketing Can Grow Your Business in Less Than 24 Hours

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How SMS Marketing Can Grow Your Business in Less Than 24 Hours

Most small business owners shy away from digital marketing because they’re afraid of playing the “waiting game.” If you’re nodding your head in agreement, we don’t necessarily blame you. Who wants to spend hundreds of dollars on a marketing method that takes months to “give back?” We’re here to tell you; there’s a better way. Unlike most other digital marketing solutions, text messaging offers a borderline immediate return, if done correctly.

Let’s review an example.

Sally owns a sub shop. Business is pretty consistent, but she’s hoping to take it to the next level in quarter 4. With football season on the horizon, she wants to become the community’s go to sandwich lady. How can she strengthen her brand awareness overnight? Start an SMS rewards club. Put up flyers at local high school and college sporting events, and promote like crazy.

Try something that reads:

Hungry after the game? Text SUBS to 31996 to get $5 off your first foot long and join our mobile rewards club!

One packed event, and you could be set for the entire season. People will now know you as the lady who sells subs during football games. That kind of brand association is definitely good for business.

Here are some last minute rules to follow.

  • Create a sense of urgency by only allowing a few hours for redemption.
  • After initial opt in, consistently send SMS Marketing campaigns (i.e. a unique promo every Wednesday afternoon.)
  • Include a clear call to action.
  • Make sure you have enough supply to fill the demand your offer creates.