How These 5 Companies Are Developing Text Marketing Campaigns

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How These 5 Companies Are Developing Text Marketing Campaigns

Looking for a way to reach your customers that’s different from your standard email newsletter or phone call? A creative text marketing campaign might be just the right option for you. Companies around the country are increasingly turning to mass texting apps as a solution to their marketing needs. Why? Customers actually prefer that you text them. It’s convenient and it works. Studies show that branded text messages have an open rate of 98%.

So how can you incorporate SMS or MMS marketing into your company’s strategy? We asked business leaders what they’re doing right now to use text marketing in their business. Here’s what they said.

1. Give customers a choice

John Holloway, the co-founder of life insurance brokerage said that after testing SMS Marketing and seeing that many of their leads preferred it, they used it to supplement what they were already doing.

Real life example:

“We started using SMS Marketing a few years back as a test to see how it performed against calling. We had a hunch that people would be more responsive to text messaging. In years prior, we noticed a trend of people not answering the phone as much as they used to. We implemented SMS as a way to offer the customer another option to communicate.

To our surprise, we found that our prospects much preferred to communicate via text. We were able to set many more appointments for calls by communicating via text. Our theory is that with so many robo-calls happening and everyone’s email inboxes overflowing constantly, our attempts were getting lost in the mix.

We now have set marketing sequences to reach out to prospects via sms, email, and phone. We also allow them to set their preferred communication preferences.”

2. Get reviews for your business

Text message marketing doesn’t have to be only about reaching out to new clients, but it can serve the purpose of collecting valuable feedback that you can use to improve your services. Kill two birds with one stone by collecting feedback and publishing it to your website or review platforms so that good reviews can serve the purpose of marketing your business. That’s how Rodney Yo, the owner of Best Online Traffic School, opted to go about things.

Real life example: 

“We recently implemented SMS Marketing into our marketing plan in a subtle way. Essentially, our customers complete our course and then we submit their completion to the DMV and respective court. A big driver of conversions in our industry are reviews, and as a newer business, we don’t have as many as our competitors so we really began pushing for customers to leave reviews.

Initially, we emailed them asking for a review after they completed the course but now, we’ve started sending them personalized texts the day after they complete the course with a confirmation that we’ve submitted their result. At this time, we’ve completed our obligations and again, we ask for a review. This new tactic has worked really well and we’ve seen a good increase in the number of reviews.”

3. Cut down on abandoned carts

E-commerce businesses can use text messaging as a way to boost engagement, especially in a spot where many companies lose valuable potential sales: abandoned carts. Getting a customer to revisit their cart and complete the purchase could be a simple way to boost bottom line. You’ve already done the hard work of bringing the customer to your website and getting them excited about what you’re selling. Making sure they don’t abandon their cart is the last step.

Here’s how Jayant Ingle, director of Framesbuy, an online eyewear store, used SMS Marketing to recover abandoned carts.

Real life example:

“Text messaging surprisingly turned out to be effective for our E-commerce business. Customer satisfaction is any business’s top priority, especially for online stores and thus we experimented with SMS Marketing to build customer engagement as well as boost sales.

Since the majority of the world population checks their phone every now and then, we decided to ask for customer mobile numbers during the buying process. Unfortunately, if the cart is abandoned due to any reason, a discount coupon code is sent to the customer via SMS which encourages the customer to come back on the site and make the purchase. The simple marketing strategy has really surprised us with the results. It has certainly increased the customer engagement levels and eventually helped in growing our business.”

4. Follow-up on all leads

Staying on top of leads can be a constant battle. That’s why many professionals opt to automate their lead follow-up, but it can be challenging to make this kind of communication feel genuine and personal. That’s where automated texting can help. Texting lends itself to feeling more personal and it makes potential customers more likely to respond.

Here’s how Shawn Breyer of Breyer Home Buyers used text message marketing to follow up on leads for his business.


Real life example:

“We use SMS marketing in our follow up campaigns when we are trying to buy someone’s house. After our appointment with them, we send them a series of follow up texts throughout the week so supplement our emails and calls to get as many touches as possible. This also allows them to have multiple channels of communication so that they can reach out to us when it’s most convenient for them. We have boosted our response rates by 17% with SMS Marketing.”

5. Stand out in a crowd

A lot of companies send emails and make phone calls, but texting for business still isn’t over saturated. This means that if you texting one on one or sending text blasts you have the potential to set yourself apart from the crowd. If you’re trying to find a new way to set yourself apart from your competition, texting could be the answer.

Here’s how John Frigo, of uses SlickText to stand out from the other companies in his space.

Real life example:

“What I like about text message marketing is it’s a way to separate yourself from a lot of other businesses not using SMS Marketing. Everyone these days does e-mail marketing, Facebook Ads, Google Adwords, etc, but those advertising methods involve the customer having to make a search query for us to reach them. With text message marketing we can proactively reach out to our customers and let them know about sales and specials as well as events and contests that we hold.

I think part of the reason it’s so powerful is because not as many people are doing it, and because it allows us to reach people on a device they have with them 24/7, people are also very attentive and responsive to their text messages so there aren’t many better ways to connect with and reach your customers than that.

I really like SlickText as well, it’s a very simple interface and very easy to use. I also like how we can include coupons with our texts so that we have the ability to track how engaged our text list is and if necessary we can purge customers who aren’t active or don’t respond to sales and offers by measuring conversions with the coupons.”