How to Grow (and Maintain) a Successful Mass Texting Subscriber List

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How to Grow (and Maintain) a Successful Mass Texting Subscriber List

If you’re using mass text messaging as a marketing tactic for your business, you know the importance of having a solid subscriber list. It’s the backbone of your entire campaign, and can make or break your chances of finding success with mobile marketing.

However, when it comes to actually creating your list, the process can be easier said than done. Gathering the right audience takes time, patience, and a whole lot of trust.

Luckily, the numbers are in your favor. The high engagement levels that SMS Marketing boasts are nearly unheard of in any advertising method. Customers are willing and even happy to sign up for your list, as long as you’re offering something worthwhile in return.

There are steps you can take to build and foster a loyal subscriber base that keeps coming back. Read on to find out how to implement them in your business.

Start your campaigns right

Making a good first impression is vital, especially when you’re actively trying to grow your subscriber list. Here’s how you can start your campaign off the right way.

1. Permission based opt-ins

As easy as it would be to just gather phone numbers and start firing texts left and right, it’s not how any successful mass text messaging campaign begins. In fact, it’s actually illegal to send an unsolicited advertisement via text.

This is where the opt-in comes in. Before you can send that text with your amazing deal of the day, the recipient has to initiate the conversation by either requesting or specifically accepting messages from your business.

This may seem like a significant barrier, but in reality, the opt-in is what makes SMS Marketing so successful. You aren’t wasting your time or marketing budget on people who don’t want to hear from you. You’re guaranteeing that your messages are only going out to consumers who are actively interested in your business and your product. That’s worth more than a hundred texts to people who weren’t likely to patronize your business anyway.

2. Be upfront about your terms and conditions

No one likes to feel duped. Avoid making customers feel like you’re trying to pull a fast one by being upfront about everything you offer.

Setting the right expectations with your very first message can go a long way in building consumer trust. This is key in a long-term relationship.

Don’t forget to include these components:

  • How frequently they should expect to receive messages from you
  • Your intended purpose for texting them
  • Messaging and data charges (make sure customers know that standard rates apply)
  • Your privacy policy regarding their personal information (a hyperlink to a longer document is sufficient)

Make sure your subscriber knows exactly what they’re getting into. Taking the time to do this will reduce your opt-out rates and keep your campaign running steadily.

3. Make it clear how to opt-out

Nothing will create bad blood faster than forcing your customers to receive your texts when they don’t want them.

Opting out shouldn’t be a headache. Keep the ball in their court by clearly stating exactly what a subscriber needs to do in order to be removed from your mass texting list.

Don’t stress yourself out if customers do opt to remove themselves from your list! Opt-outs are a bummer, but they’re part of the process. Watch for trends and patterns to turn your unsubscribes into learning experiences for your campaign.

4. Treat your mass texting subscribers like VIPs

Everybody wants to feel important. Treating your mass text messaging list like an exclusive club is a great way to boost customer loyalty and even improve your ROI.

In order to do this you need to offer valuable content. Make your subscribers feel like insiders by offering them news, coupons, and special offers they can’t get anywhere else. Keep them in the loop about new products, and give them VIP access (before the public if possible). There should be real value for your customers each time you contact them.

Your SMS list is likely to be a small but actively engaged group. You can reward them accordingly by sending exclusive content that’s a step up from what you’d post on social media or your website. Offering additional deals to your mobile subscribers can be an incredibly powerful way to increase your overall profits.

5. Collect customer feedback

Another great way to leverage your VIP list: ask for their input! These are some of your most invested customers, and you have their attention. Nothing can tell you more about your business’s strengths and weaknesses than direct feedback.

Make sure there’s something in it for them, and give your customers an incentive to respond. Sending off the occasional poll or survey in exchange for a coupon is an easy and effective way to gauge the direction you should be taking your business.

6. Make it personal

People are more likely to respond to correspondence that’s directly addressed to them. You can use this to your advantage in your mass texting campaign by using your customers’ names whenever possible, sending them exclusive content on their birthdays, and tailoring your content to the preferences of your subscribers.

Do you have a wide range of demographics and preferences on your list? Give segmentation a try. You can separate the subscribers on your list however you choose and set different messaging strategies accordingly. By catering your content to the needs of each group, you’ll be more effective in promoting a positive message for your brand.

How to remain engaging 

Once you’ve figured out what works for your business in terms of boosting that mass texting list, the name of the game shifts to retaining the subscribers you’ve accrued. Here’s what you can do to keep people interested in your text messages long after they’ve subscribed.

1. Don’t overload subscribers

Have you ever landed on a messaging list that filled your phone with tons of spammy texts? If so, it’ll likely be no surprise that the top reason many subscribers choose to opt out is message overload.

Sending out your mass texts too often is a surefire way to annoy your potential customers and harm your brand. The key to a successful SMS Marketing campaign is prioritizing timing over frequency. Limiting your messages to just a few per month can keep you from quickly losing both the value of your content and the patience of your subscribers.

2. Keep your messages short and sweet

Despite the formatting of most smartphone texting apps, a standard SMS message can still only send up to 160 characters. Though it may appear as one message in your phone’s chat bubble, texts over the character limit are sent as two separate messages. This means that if a subscriber doesn’t have an unlimited texting or data plan, you could be costing your customer extra cash.

Text marketing is all about maximizing value for both your business and your customer. Create a message that presents your offer front and center–no fluff or unnecessary reading needed.

You can also try using MMS marketing to send GIFs and photos — you might be able to communicate more succinctly with a well designed image of a mobile coupon versus writing an entire paragraph to your audience.

3. Be patient

Just like anything else you want to grow, creating your mass texting list takes time, patience, and consistency. With the right approach, you can enjoy the benefits that come from building a loyal, engaged subscriber base. Your customers will thank you!