Mass SMS Promo Campaign Ideas for Small Businesses

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Mass SMS Promo Campaign Ideas for Small Businesses

As a small business owner, we challenge you to think outside the box. Don’t use mass SMS Promo as yet another form of marketing noise. You want subscribers to be thrilled when they receive your messages; not annoyed. Make the most out of mass SMS Promo for your small business with these 3 campaign ideas.

Run a “show this SMS Promo to redeem” flash sale.

Keep the window of redemption short, as this will create an extreme sense of urgency. 3-5 hours is ideal, especially if you’re running the sale on a weekend. You want to make the redemptional period doable and reasonable; without also running the promo for days on end. The longer the redemption period; the lower you are on the subscriber’s list of priorities.

Give SMS subscribers VIP access to a new product before it hits the shelves.

Why not reward your loyal customers with a sneak preview of your latest inventory? On top of that, you can encourage an immediate purchase with an early access promo code.

Here’s a great example.

We just received our spring 2017 bridal line! Want a sneak peek? Stop in this Saturday from 2-5PM, and show this SMS Promo for $500 off any gown of $2300 or more.

Run a SMS Promo to win contest.

Pick a simple, valuable prize. Something like a $50 store credit will definitely do the trick. Then, promote the contest. Print an store flyer, post an update on social media, and send a SMS Promo campaign to current subscribers. This will not only engage current subscribers, but also grow your list with new entrants.