SMS Marketing Strategy, How to Grow Your Business?

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SMS Marketing Strategy, How to Grow Your Business?

SMS Marketing is one of the most effective marketing channels that will make your business grow significantly faster. A well-planned SMS Marketing strategy enables to reach your target audience directly, raises brand awareness and stabilizes customer loyalty. This is a high ROI, fast and cost-efficient marketing channel that conveys your company’s promotional message or offer to customers.

The high effectiveness of SMS strategy is directly linked to the increasing use of mobile devices. For instance, according to, 77% of the population of the world uses a mobile phone. 98% of all SMS messages are opened on a daily basis, while 83% are opened within 3 minutes. To feel the difference, only 24.79% of emails are opened by the customers.

A well-thought SMS Marketing plan increases company’s brand awareness accordingly and attracts more customers. It can also keep them loyal to the company later, if you keep actively communicating with them. In this way, SMS Marketing becomes the most convenient and affordable marketing tool for delivering your business messages to your customers or prospects.

Considering the high number of mobile device users, hardly will any business deny the role of a good SMS Marketing Strategy in promoting business growth and increasing customer loyalty. Bellow, we offer you some of the best experiences of SMS strategies that will ensure your business growth without investing too much money on it.

SMS Marketing Strategy Tactics to Boosts your Business Growth

Being aware of the effectiveness of SMS Marketing for business growth is one thing, mastering some tactics to get the most of it, is another. If you want to get some basic skills on how to use the potential of SMS Marketing or bulk SMS strategy to the fullest, you are in the right place. Here are some helpful SMS Marketing tactics that will boost your business growth remarkably.

Make it relevant and personalized

It’s not a secret that people pay more attention to messages that are personally addressed to them. Otherwise, they consider it spam. So, send more relevant and personalized text message based on gender, age, location, activities, or preferences of your target audience and build long-lasting customer loyalty.

Keep your message brief and clear

Cutting long marketing messages into short and clear ones is a sign that you value your customer’s time. Besides, short text messages catch the gist quicker. Note that an optimal number of characters used in a marketing message is 160. When you show this much care towards your customer, you can get the most out of it and make SMS Marketing strategy the best communication tactic.

Include a clear call-to-action

How exactly do you want your customers to act? Make use of your latest promotions? Visit your company’s newly opened branch? Or just be aware of your companies’ recent achievements?

Direct your customers to make that favorable step by using clear call-to-action in your SMS. Make sure your call-to-actions are powerful and goal-oriented because a well-structured SMS Marketing plan is capable to provide 8% conversion rate, compared to 2% for email and 1% for the web.

Add value to your interaction with customers

Use SMS Marketing service to create value for your customers. Text messaging does not necessarily have to be about selling a product or service. You can sell value instead, which will make your customers feel more appreciated. For instance, sending out personalized discount offers on customer’s birthday or providing some helpful tips via SMS can increase customer loyalty and boost your business growth.

Having a good SMS Marketing strategy ensures consistent business growth in a fast and affordable way. So, why not use the greatest growth potential that this powerful marketing channel provides? Businesses of all sizes can use SMS Marketing to reach out to their customers and prospects. Bigger companies can use similar marketing strategy for bulk SMS. This will still be cost-efficient and effective. It is a fast, targeted and cost-effective marketing tool with an extraordinarily high open-rate.