What SMS Marketing is All About

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What SMS Marketing is All About

SMS Marketing is still pretty new, and for some small businesses can seem overwhelming. You might have many questions, such as how will SMS Marketing actually improve my business? Beyond that, is it something I can actually afford? As one of the top SMS Marketing companies, we are always happy to answer your important SMS Marketing questions. We want you to fully understand the benefits of our service before using it.

1. Communication

There is no quicker and more immediate form of communication than the text message. Most of your subscribers probably have their phone within a one foot radius, so reaching them is as simple as the click of a button. Although email marketing is immediate, it’s becoming more archaic, as people may only check their email a few times a day. On top of that, there’s a good chance your message might head to the Spam folder, and never be seen.

2. Brand Interaction

If you work in a competitive industry, you know how important brand loyalty is. You want returning customers, not one time buyers. Although a sale is a sale, you have to work so much harder for new customers. Increase customer loyalty by encouraging brand interaction via text marketing. Invite your customers to sign up for your mailing list, or connect with you on social media.

3. Rewarding Your Customers

Customers will be loyal if they feel like they’re being rewarded for their shopping behavior. They want to know that you care about their business. SMS Marketing is a great way to offer exclusive promotions and incentives to your subscribers. These deals can be immediate, as you can launch campaigns at the click of a button.

4. Affordability

One of the best things about SMS Marketing is it’s insanely affordable. You won’t be paying thousands of dollars a month to promote your marketing messages. Depending on how many messages you want to send, you might not even pay a dime. Yes, we even offer a free plan.